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to be continued!

All the things I have thought, said and done have brought me here. Right in this point of my life, right up to this moment. The people I’ve chosen to trust, the ones I have chosen to ignore and those who were lucky enough to get my full attention even for one second, they have taught me the most valuable things about myself. About life and what should be done in order to become a happy person. Who I should choose to be for me and for them.

I sit here, listening to some very summery music and thinking about all the stuff I am thankful for. For the worst experiences of my life, for my deepest sorrows, for my biggest mistakes. They have brought me in this wonderful place I call home nowadays. They have drifted me apart from the people I could’ve cared for so much and brought me in the arms of the ones who love me as if I were their family.

Some call it destiny, others call it luck. I call it “paving of the path” and tend to be surprised of the way things turn out to be most of the time.

Now let’s see what the future holds and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the months to come. Gotta get across a very bumpy road, but hey, it was MY choice to learn how to drive. :)


how to get a writer to open an online business

There’s this little thing about writers. They’re not arrogant, yet they have a cockiness that outshines the more driven and perseverent people who aren’t able to put their successes into words. Sometimes, a writer is even able to fool himself that he is on top of everything solely by coming up with some brand new idea that he…writes down. But does nothing with it.

Ok, so we have this beautiful, talented writer, young and eager to find his way into the big bold world. How do we make him become more patient considering that he wants to have it all and he wants to have it now? How do we get him to practice and develop his writing skills even if he’s bored and doesn’t get the necessary inspiration out of everyday activities? And most importantly, how do we monetize his whole writing adventure, since he generally likes poems and isn’t very businessy about his talent?

My answer to all the questions above was: get him to open an online business. But how should this blog be considered an online business since it does not have a business plan in its background yet? The fact that you have no advertisements, no other means of promotion and practically no more support from other people in the same field (how’s this person gone with the wind to Austria looking for the Holy Bloggers of this country?) can’t get you really far, can it?

So I’m seeking for a person who’s willing to support my writer’s anguish and get the best out of me. Seriously, there is a lot to offer! If you can’t get the writer to open his own online business, at least let him be a part of someone else’s.

Day trip to Bratislava

Since it was getting hot in the city of Vienna and I could hardly wait to get out of the house, I decided to take a short trip to Bratislava on a sunny Sunday alongside my friend: to get to know the city and its culture/history/buildings better. We were focused on getting the best views in the shortest amount of time, so we followed a map of the old town (thank you Google Maps and HP Printer) and tried to make our way through the city.

It all started with a trip with the Twin City Liner, that we took from Vienna Schwedenplatz and that got us in aproximately 75 min near the Novy Most (New Bridge) in Bratislava. It was very easy to get to the old town, spot buildings such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral or Michael’s Gate considering the fact that these we higher than the rest of the buildings and that there is a pedestrian zone in the old town, which means everything is in walking distance. What truly amazed me was how quiet the streets were, although we could see a lot of locals and tourists. We came across some traditional Slovakian restaurants but didn’t stop to eat. Maybe next time…

On our way to the bus station (it only costs about 7 Euros to get from Bratislava to Vienna by bus/train, so it’s worth it) I noticed a Billa supermarket and was eager to see whether the prices were higher than in Vienna. To my biiiig surprise, I spent the price of a typical Wiener Melange Coffee (3.7 Euros) to get…a whole lot of snacks and drinks for the road and for home. I LOVE the fact that Bratislava also opens its stores on Sundays and allows people to enjoy the pleasure of shopping (check out the Aupark website for yourself – open til 9 pm!) on days when you can only get bored or visit a museum in Vienna.

All in all, it was a great experience and I’ll be sure to come to Bratislava again for some new clothes that I’m dying to buy on a Sunday (when all Viennese stores are closed), or at least for some chilling walks around town.

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