it can only go up

Long time, no new posts. And now there’s Christmas coming up, so there’ll be even less time to write from Sibiu or Vienna. That’s why I considered giving you the most valuable Christmas gift I could find somewhere deep inside my heart.

It’s a lesson some people never acknowledge. They skipped that class and didn’t even think about getting the notes from somebody else. It’s a lesson some people blame you for learning by heart. A bunch of simple words that can change everything you once knew about life, can make you never look back on your past and blame yourself for stuff that you’ve already done and can’t turn back.

This is called the gift of “moving on”. Two years ago, a person said these words to me and broke my heart, but helped my spirit grow a lot. If you see that it makes no sense to go back where you used to be, then “move on”. If you believe that there’s no point in trying to make a relationship go, it’s time to “move on”. If everything around you sucks and nothing could go worse, “move on” and get better.

If you don’t like reading this blog, “move on”. But if you do like it, please comment below.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

3 Responses to it can only go up
  1. helly

    now, haven’t been around here… a lot. but promise I will try to do so more often next year. especially if you tweet your posts :)
    love ya! and never plan on moving on :)

  2. Andra Muresanu

    Please do so :D can’t wait to see more of your comments next year!

  3. cristina rus

    I cannot believe you even have considered on moving on.don’t..I repeat..DON’T do it!
    this blog is inspiring and the last posts are useful for people that don’t have so much self-confidence because the “I made it!” is all over the place ^^ at least that’s how I see it.

    ^^ huggiez

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