one hand in the air for the big city

Sipping out of my first homemade latte machiatto and listening to all these songs that remind me of what I want to do and where I want to be. I’ll be walking down new avenues starting tomorrow, I’ll be looking for reasons to spend my money and enjoy my new life. Am I still me?

I am surrounded by boxes of stuff. Books, clothes, mobile phone chargers, jewelry, make-up, a microwave oven(?), my birthday gifts, half-empty luggage from my previous trips to Vancouver and Vienna and a lot of sheets of paper waiting to be read. My life in a million boxes no longer looks like a life. I honestly didn’t even realise that I had and needed this many stuff just to survive in a normal society.

But it’s true. I’ll be practicing my english writing and my german accent, will be dedicating more time to blog about my Vienna xPRiment and will be managing to survive in a new normal society that I’ve been longing for. In the end, the journey to adulthood isn’t nearly as simple as I thought it would be.

But I’ll make it big in the big city. See you on Mariahilferstrasse ;)

7 Responses to one hand in the air for the big city
  1. Vlad

    Si imi vine in cap melodia Aliciei Keys – New York…

  2. Andra Muresanu

    that’s where the title comes from :)

  3. freshprince1980

    Bine ai venit in Viena si la WU

  4. Andra Muresanu

    bine te-am gasit :) tu esti tot la WU (sau in Viena)?

  5. freshprince1980

    Daps. Tot Viena si tot WU. Cum merge treaba?

  6. Andra Muresanu

    totul merge super :) in seara asta am intalnit si unul dintre viitorii mei colegi, deci lucrurile merg din bine in mai bine :P

    succes cu examenele, freshprince1980!

  7. freshprince1980

    Merci. Cred ca persoana pe care ai intalnit-o s-a simtit la fel de bine ;;)

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