your turn

[un nou xPRiment twitteric]

if I would tell you that I’ve been a really bad girl these last few days, what do you think I could have been up to? I’ll give you a hint, to see what you can come up with :)

[young parisians-jump the next train]

5 Responses to your turn
  1. Wanderer Of Time

    e “realLY bad girl”, Miss Proficiency.

  2. CopilANDRA

    a real bad girl doesn’t know grammar (entry-ul se dorea a fi semi-gangsta, dar din pacate xPRimentul nu m-a prins deloc). miss proficien C (cu C de la “Ce B puteam sa iau, si Ce C am luat!)

  3. julie

    mandro, unde ai plecat iar? departe pe coclauri….

  4. CopilANDRA

    important nu e unde am plecat, important e ca m-am intors :)

  5. chr

    We are the borg. Questions are irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

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